The movement for changing today's
outdated education system


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Because during the last 100 years literally nothing has changed!

Students spend many hours in lectures, listening to a topic which could be explained within a few minutes.
Education is still standardized. One program needs to fit all.
Studying still costs money.
69 million children have no access to education at all.
The education system tests your memory, and not your creativity nor other important qualities.
Too often, the motivation for learning is not learning, but a piece of paper called degree.
Our education system focuses on competition and not collaboration.
The world changes every second. It is hard for universities to keep up alone.
Teachers are not rewarded high enough compared to the huge responsibility they have.



is to make top education free, simple, time-efficient, and accessible to everyone around the world.



is to become a global education network. We aim to nurture diverse talents, and to help universities to focus on mentorship, practical experience, advanced facilities, and networking.

Nulap's story

We are two graduates from Germany who studied in the Netherlands. During our studies we realized that the ongoing education system is outdated and unacceptable. Therefore, we believe that the entire system needs an update. Of course, this is not going to happen with the two of us alone, but it is going to happen with your help and the help of everybody who thinks in the same way. This is why we started this movement, with the aim to change the way we learn, teach, and interact with each other in the long-term. It’s time to push humanity forward with a new and fresh way of learning and teaching.
Suhail & Tobias

We are starting with a video database where we need your help to fill it with linked video content. The more content, rating, and users we get, the more features we can release over time, which is part of a much bigger plan: Changing today’s education system.
This is a small impression of what we are planning to do next:
  1. A media-section where we recommend content like movies, podcasts, books etc.
  2. A feature to create own courses and to share them smartly
  3. An intelligent network where the real interactions start and where users can work together too
  4. A platform for simplifying the communication between teachers and learners
  5. An AI-powered assistant
  6. A mentorship-program
We will regularly release small parts of our new features. This will help us to stay flexible when we adjust something according to your feedback.
  1. By rating our videos. So, others can watch the right videos.
  2. By suggesting new and better videos. So, everybody has always access to the best content.
  3. By giving us feedback. So, we can improve your experience on Nulap.
  4. By sharing Nulap. So, more people can join and support the movement.
  5. By using Nulap. So, that we can develop interesting services for businesses. This will create cashflow which we will use for Nulap’s growth to reach our vision.
For everyone who wants to learn and teach.
No, it isn´t! We simply had to start somewhere and chose business topics. With your help, more subjects will be added over time.
For now, we are trying to focus on topics which appear in universities. Nonetheless, pupils are also most welcome to use our platform. In the long-term we will try to cover more.
Beside of the fact that videos are great for substituting lectures, we think that videos with the right visuals can explain in a minute more than 1000 words. Often videos or animations can explain even more than someone in a lecture hall describing something. Moreover, you can increase/decrease the video-speed according to your own learning rate. Also, you can pause the video for writing longer notes and watch it as often as you want if you did not understand something.
We are a movement which uses services to sustain itself.
Yes! Changing the world takes a lot of effort and people. We are always grateful for support in any way. If you are motivated to help, please contact us here. You can also already start helping us now by sharing Nulap and by giving us your input. Thank you!