The present state of Nulap

Being completely transparent with our users is one of our main priorities. This is why we would like to announce that we are taking a creativity break.

Why? Simply because we were stuck, and we need some time to rethink and to recharge. The exact details and new updates will be released in future. Currently, we have no idea about when and in which way Nulap will be continued. But we know that we will come back and that we will continue with our mission to make top education free, simple, compact and accessible to everyone globally.

We would also like to take this chance and thank you all for your help, feedback, shared passion and for believing in us. This is something we will not take for granted!
Thank you!

Your Nulap Team

You can contact us at for more information about Nulap or its present state. We will get back to you as soon as possible.